How it works:

1. Identify What Will be Useful

Sign up, answer a few questions, and pick a main point of contact from your friends and extended family.

Based on your answers, a MedStylist creates a customized collection of options and if needed, consults nurses, OTs, and PTs.

2. See Your Collection of Options

Your favorite items are delivered so you can have one less thing to worry about and focus on what matters.

4. Let Kindness Encircle You

3. Choose the Items You Love

Pick what you love. Your point of contact makes the items available for others to contribute toward their purchase.

Make it Easy for Friends and Extended Family To Contribute Toward the Purchase of Each Chosen Item, All in One Convenient Place.

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Different Clothing is an Often-overlooked Need for Kids and Adults Facing an Illness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are people saying about w/you?

Here are some actual quotes from our research:
This service could work well for people with any disability or medical condition.
What a kind and valuable idea for those in desperate need of a service such as this.
As a retired R.N., there is a need for this concept.
This could really improve the quality of life for thousands of people living with disease.
This is a wonderful and much needed service.
This is a unique service that can make a difference.

How do I know if someone will want the services provided by w/you?

While we work with all genders, our research* shows that 74% of females who have experienced a change in their health would find useful or desirable a service that helps people choose different clothing. While we work with all types of health changes, 80% of women who have experienced breast cancer expressed a desire for the kind of service that w/you provides. *data from Qualtrics surveys administered July 10-15, 2015, and February 2-7, 2016.

How do I contact w/you? 

You may email any questions about w/you to or call us at 855-426-9968. Whichever way you reach out to us, we strive to answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

What’s the price range of clothing, footwear, and accessory options? 

We always provide a wide variety of price points from which to choose.

Do I have to use the contributions to pick out the items all at once?

No, because some medical situations involve long treatment plans and/or ongoing changing needs, you decide when you want to use contributions to buy the items.

How much does shipping cost? 

Contributions can also go toward shipping costs if a company doesn’t already provide free shipping. If more expedited shipping is needed or desired, we’ll try to let you know the specific amount based on how quickly delivery is requested.


Help People Choose What Fits and Offer an Easy Way for Others to Contribute Toward Their Purchase

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Make it Easy for Friends and Extended Family to Contribute Toward the Purchase of Each Chosen Item, All in One Convenient Place.

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